I walked away from the Sick Building like many before me (and sadly, many more after because the current political/medical system SUCKS) thinking I was done, would return to normal.

Eight months later, after trying a detox (see earlier post) that made me so much sicker I couldn’t tolerate it, I decided to try the diet: no carbs, no sugar, nothing with mold in it like hard cheese. Lots of leafy greens, the darker the better. Fermented foods. Google the anti-Candida diet; no they are not the same but there are overlaps. So, if you do this you will find many versions of both anti-mold and anti-candida diets, and if you add up ALL these diet recommendations, the only thing you could safely eat would be the leafy greens. Not every mold specialist will even talk about nutrition. I’ve seen two and neither did. I found a lot of info on the internet.

I went whole hog, supplements, no sugar no carbs, juicing AND eating produce. Produce produce produce. Organic free range chicken and turkey and sometimes egg. I got sick. I read you’re supposed to get sick, that’s the detox, or maybe a Herx reaction.

I also took the following supplements:

Olive leaf extract

Grapefruit seed extract



Activated charcoal (as a binding agent to prevent the toxins from simply being reabsorbed by the gut)

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Apple Cider Vinegar with “the mother” in it (NOT regular vinegar)

Coconut kefir water

Vitamin E, D, C straight from juicing grapefruit (supposedly the one fruit OK on anti-candida), multivitamin, potassium for the charlie horses, magnesium — and there are many more recommended, cannot keep up.

Since I simply piled it all on at once and did no controlled studies, I don’t know for sure what helped, what caused die-off or detox, whether nausea was from what I ingested or a windy day with lots of mold in the air, etc.

I sometimes feel kinda sick and dopey, just… not good, and I will crave ice cream. One time I felt so shitty I just ate some and weirdly felt immediately better.

I CAN tell certain things though. And I have heard over and over that everyone is different. Some people may be fine with coffee or cheese, some people will have a severe allergic reaction to peanuts since they have both mold and aflotoxins (aspergillus mycotoxin) in them.

I can tell that the coconut water kefir soothes my stomach almost instantly. Especially if I eat something I shouldn’t.

I can tell something by the way my body sort of wraps itself around something (usually a green vegetable or fruit) like that feeling when you’re super thirsty on a  hot day and down a glass of cold water…

I can tell that I am sometimes revolted by leafy greens. Maybe that’s because there’s too much die-off..

The only only conclusion I’ve come to is that my body is a massively complicated ecosystem that is battling poison every day. It is exhausted.  It is in a constant state of trauma. Anything can cause a flare-up, and I can’t always tell what that is.

At this point, I am controlling what I ingest more and trying to spot specific effects. I’ve been on this diet (more or less) for 6 months. I cannot say I have had clear improvement.